Sunday, February 18, 2007

Children's Books

The thought occurred to me the other day that, now that my girls are 17 and 13, I don't really get exposed to the new children's books much any more. Time was I was right on the hot button of children's literature when perusing the latest arrivals at the bookstore or library, or just talking with my kids. But now they've moved on to teen and young adult novels (but we still enjoy Lemony Snicket and Harry Potter, of course!) and I'm not as "hep" on what's hot out there for kids.
Sooooo, I invite you to respond to this blog and tell me!
If you are a librarian or teacher, tell me what's new and hot for kids!
If you are a kid, tell me what you are reading!
As you know, I love to read and I love to write songs about children's books, so I need to keep up.
I'm looking forward to your replies, and thanks!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hello, Allentown!

Well, I'm back home in New Hampshire now, and feeling good about the wonderful four days I spent with the kids of Allentown, PA. Central Elementry was a great start, then it was on to Sheridan, Roosevelt and Union Terrace Elementary Schools. Every school I went to was unique and special, but the students were all terrific. I will never forget your comments and especially your hugs.
I hope you will remember all that we talked about during the conflict resolution and anti-bullying assemblies, and the most important point: Treat Other People the Way You Want to Be Treated!
I look forward to seeing all of you again sometime. Keep Smiling!
Your pal,