Sunday, February 22, 2009

Operation Nice

A friend sent me a link to this blog: I think it's wonderful! If everybody tried to be a little nicer, think of what a great place this world would be. I'm very lucky that I've met mostly nice people in my life. All of my fans are really nice!!
Have a NICE day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Swimming in Jello for the Millionth Time

Actually, I don't really know how many times I've sung Swimming in Jello, but I bet it's well over a thousand....and every time I sing it, I have fun. It's fun because the kids make it fun...their dancing, their singing, their crazy faces and silly moves....all work together to make the song fresh to me every time. Because it's all about the audience. Whether a kid is hearing the song for the first time or the tenth time, they're loving it and that makes me love it.
I'm talking about this because I have been reflecting on my experience at the Grammys last week. Two artists who have been performing live since the early sixties performed...each did one of their biggest hits...and I'm sure it was probably the millionth time each one had sung that particular signature song.
One artist, who shall remain nameless, pretty much slept-walked his way through the song, more speaking it than singing it. It was like the worst Vegas lounge act ever, and he showed no respect for the song OR the audience and their love of the song. The other artist, who shall remain Sir Paul McCartney, sang I Saw Her Standing There as though it was the first time he ever sang it, resulting in a huge outpouring of enthusiasm, excitement and love, love, love from the audience. For those of us seeing him for the first time live it couldn't have been better, and for those who had seen him sing it before and those watching on TV I'm sure the experience was almost as exciting because he was clearly so into it.
That's the difference between a real pro who has music in him and LOVES it and his audience, and one who is probably still just doing it for the dough.
I hope I'm still singing Swimming in Jello with that much gusto when I'm nearly 70! And I sure hope there's an audience that wants to hear it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Louisa and I had a fantastic weekend in Los Angeles attending the Grammy Awards. We did the whole thing on a shoestring budget....I found a great little European-style hotel for only $49 a night! And it wasn't yucky!
The Grammy Award show was so much fun...but first let me tell you about the pre-show.....we got to see a couple of wonderful children's music artists take home Grammys. The award for Best Children's Album went to They Might Be Giants, and the award for Best Children's Spoken Word album went to Bill Harley. If your kids haven't heard these great musicians, you should check them out. They produce high quality and very humorous music for children. If you like my stuff, you'll LOVE theirs!
The televised show was just outrageous. Paul McCartney, of course, was the highlight for me. I was screaming so loud that my husband swore he could hear me on TV! I very much enjoyed seeing Stevie Wonder as well, although I'm not really sure what the Jonas Brothers thought they could bring to the table there...I mean, he's STEVIE assistance needed!
Now we're back home and I'm back to work on my secret project!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Off to the Grammys!

Louisa and are leaving tomorrow to fly to LA for the Grammys. I am so excited because I just found out that Stevie Wonder will be performing, and I was already excited because Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl will be performing together!
There are some terrific children's artists nominated in the Children's Music and Spoken Word for Children categories and we'll be at the pre-show rooting for our favorites. Hopefully next year I'll be of the reason sthe new CD is taking so long is because it has to be just perfect! But I'm sure I'll have it available by summer...I can't let another year go by without getting it out there.
Gotta go...can't wait to get out of the cold!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Secret Project

Hi...sorry I haven't blogged in a while...I've spent the month of January immersed in a super secret project...something creative that I have never done before and I am very excited about it. it's almost finished and will be ready to debut in July 2009...but keep watching this space for more details!
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Gotta go update the calendar now....see you soon!