Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Silly Bandz Craze and what it Means!

If you have ever been to one of my shows, then you know that I have a dear friend who is an alien named Google (he had the name first!) I met him many years ago when I was visiting Roswell, NM, the place where a flying saucer crashed way back in 1947. They say that one of the three aliens in that spaceship survived, and he was Google's grampy.
It has also been written that witnesses to the discovery of the crash site reported that they found a strange substance there. It looked like aluminum foil, but when crushed or twisted it would spring back to its previous shape as though it had never been touched....

Fast forward to 2010...when everywhere you look, kids are wearing Silly Bands on their wrists by the dozens. What are Silly Bands? Well, they are bracelets made of a material that, no matter how it is twisted or stretched, springs back to its original shape. These are made in cutesy shapes like animals, stars, and other things that would appeal to children. doesn't take a great mind to put two and two together here! I hypothesize that these silly bands are made from an alloy of the original material found at the Roswell crash site, and that they have been made to be attractive to children so that the little munchkins would turn them into a legitimate craze and EVERY kid would have to have some. Why? Because they contain a tracking device which will enable the little green men to find the children when they return to Earth in 2012.

Crazy theory.....or am I on to something? You decide. As for me.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Musical Notes

I'm just doing some paperwork here in my office and listening to random music on my iPod, and I'm actually here to admit that I really still like listening to some of the 90s boy bands. I'm listening to The Backstreet Boys right now, and they had some great love songs with terrific "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and "As Long as You Love Me." So even if the romance you had while listening to those songs ended in crashing horrible disaster and he (or she) did end up breaking your heart after all, the music is still good.
I got to know all of this music because my daughter Emma was just coming into her own musical tastes during that period, so she had all the boy band music and the Spice Girls, too. I remember that my husband took her to the movies to see the Spice Girls movie, and when they came home the first thing he said to me was, "What's not to like?" HA HA!!
I also really still enjoy listening to 98 Degrees.. that was Nick Lachey's band. He's become better known as the ex-husband of Jessica Simpson, but his little band with Drew made a really great CD that even featured a guest turn from Stevie Wonder and I confess I listen to that one a lot.
But the BEST band from the 90's is, without a doubt, HANSON!!! They're all grown up now and they are still rocking and I am delighted to say that Emma and I have been to see them eight times. If all you know them for is "Mmmm Bop" then you ought to look them up and listen to the music they're making now. I bet you'll like it!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Help for Haiti Still

Hello again,
I was viewing footage of the flooding in Nashville this morning and it broke my heart a little bit. My husband and I were married in Nashville and spent the first year of our life together there. Although that was many years ago, it is still sad to see so many Nashville landmarks, such as the Grand Old Opry stage and the Opryland Hotel, damaged so badly. I understand that President Obama has declared the state an official disaster area, and many agencies are rushing to help. I am proud to say that the MusiCares arm of the National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences (the Grammy folks) has set up a relief fund and has organized fundraisers already. If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

In the meantime, the suffering goes on in Haiti as well. If you've been reading this blog, then you know that last month I participated in a benefit concert for Haiti on Long Island, and to date our little concert has raised $8,400 for Doctors without Borders. I would love to see that figure go up to ten grand! If you can help (no donation too small), please send a check or money order payable to "Doctors Without Borders" and send attn: Patricia Shih, Help for Haiti, PO Box 1554, Huntington, NY 11743 NO LATER than May 31.

Thank you very much!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Judy's Tune Room on the Radio

Have you been in Judy's Tune Room yet? That's my radio show for kids and families, which is produced by Jordan Shea, a student in the broadcasting program at Londonderry High School here in New Hampshire. It airs on their Low Power FM Stations, LEO 103, on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 and 11am. But no matter where you live you can hear it streaming live at this address

We play fun music for kids and we have jokes and lots of silly stuff. Sooooooooo
I'm looking for your jokes, birthdays and special announcements, too. Please send them to me ASAP here at my website. I'll also be featuring a "Star of the Show" in Judy's Throne Room, and I'm looking for kids to celebrate. If you know a special kid who should be celebrated on the radio, let me know about him or her!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Judy Pancoast & the Groovy Dudes

Here's my biggest news to come along in a long time! I've started a band to play with me at some of my larger shows! The band is called The Groovy Dudes, and features Mary Gatterman on keyboard, Bob West on guitar, Maxx Arbuckle on bass and Tim Maxwell on drums. They are fantastic and you'll be seeing more about them soon on the website. In the meantime, please read what Boston Children's has to say about my new adventure!

I haven't updated my calendar in awhile...but don't worry. I'll be getting to it soon! Hope to see YOU sometime this summer!