Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Wish

I woke up this morning, Christmas Eve, from a nightmare I sometimes have. I won't go into the details, but it led me to writing this, my Christmas wish.

I wish no child had to worry about Mom or Dad (or both) getting drunk this Christmas season. I wish no child had to sit at home and wonder if Mom and Dad were going to make it home alive from that Christmas party. I wish no child had to suffer through family gatherings where just about every adult was drinking alcohol, and some were so drunk they got sick or passed out, or had fights with each other. I wish no child had to ride home from such a party with a drunken parent at the wheel.
I wish no child had to hear horrible things being said because an adult was drunk, things that would or could never be forgotten. I wish no child had to be in fear of being hurt at Christmas-time (or any other time, for that matter) because a caregiver or other adult in their life was out of control due to alcohol. I wish no child had to experience a Christmas morning with a hungover parent...or, worse yet, one who was still drunk from the night before.

I wish children could learn that Christmas celebrations are happy and healthy times, times of celebration and love that DON'T have to include a mind-and-mood altering substance like alcohol. I wish children could learn that you could have fun, watch a sporting event, have a party, go out to eat, and LIVE HAPPY without alcohol.

I wish that every grown-up would remember that children learn what they live, they watch what we do, and they model themselves after us. What we do is far more impactful than what we tell them to do.

I wish that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas full of light and laughter ...a Christmas to remember always. One that won't give anyone nightmares forty years later.

God bless you and yours.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

House on Christmas Street a HIT on the Jersey Shore!

LOOK at my email that just came in from a station in Cape May, NJ:

Your song made it to our regular Christmas Playlist!
Less than 5% of Christmas songs offered by Indie Artists to our regular playlist.
All Indie Artists are featured on the Indie Artist Spotlight, a special show that is aired on LIFT FM but your song made it to the regular Christmas Playlist- Congratulations!

We would like to send some copies ofr the song to our listeners. Please send some autographed and we'll do an on-air give-away to some fortunate callers. God Bless!

Joe Burke - our address is on our website

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Added Today!

WNAM 1280 in Oshkosh, WI "America's BEST Music!" and 1490 WMRC in Milford, MA!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


WJXB in Knoxville TN and WRSA in Huntsville AL!


This is SO exciting..The House on Christmas Street is being added to stations all over the country. In addition to the stations already mentioned (listed below) it is now playing on:

LIFT 98.5 in South New Jersey
KKMI in Burlington, IO
Magic 104.1 in Tucson (check out THIS:
KG95 in Sioux City, IO

If you are in the listening area of any of these stations please let them know you like the song!!!

BIG HITS Y-101.9 in Portland, ME
98.7 The Bay in Dover, NH
WRCH Lite 100.5 in Hartford, CT
WKAY-FM 105.3 in Galesburg, IL
EXTRA 99.1 in Gloucester, VA95.9
WGRQ in Fredricksburg, VA94.3
WROE in Green Bay, WI

AND on these WONDERFUL internet stations! (the Christmas Mix channel)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Judy's Christmas Music on AccuRadio

Here's a link to the stations on AccuRadio that play my Christmas Music. If you listen, please let them know that you like it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Check THIS out!

This is turning out to be a VERY exciting December for me!
I just found out the WRCH in Hartford is not only playing "The House on Christmas Street" for the third year in a row, but they have a video on their website called "Extreme Christmas Lights" and they are using my song in the video.
This is wonderful exposure for my song. Thank you so much WRCH!!
And thank you to all supporters of the song who are calling radio stations and requesting it this year. So far it is being heard on these "terrestrial" stations:

BIG HITS Y-101.9 in Portland, ME
98.7 The Bay in Dover, NH
WRCH Lite 100.5 in Hartford, CT
WKAY-FM 105.3 in Galesburg, IL
EXTRA 99.1 in Gloucester, VA
95.9 WGRQ in Fredricksburg, VA
94.3 WROE in Green Bay, WI

AND on these WONDERFUL internet stations! (the Christmas Mix channel)

Please let me know if you hear it on any other stations.....or if there is a station near you that should have a copy of the song!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Howdy all you Lone Star Staters...
You guys have been so terrific to me in helping "The House on Christmas Street" become known. I just discoverd that the state with the fourth highest number of visits to my website is : TEXAS!!! I love you guys! And now...I have a Texas-sized favor to ask you.I have managed to interest a station in Irving called 94.9 KLTY. They are the NUMBER ONE Christian radio station in the country serving the DALLAS market.

I first submitted "The House on Christmas Street" to them in 2007 and they turned it down because it wasn't a "Christian" song per se. I do disagree with that, by the includes secular imagery but I did not shy away from including Jesus and His Family in the description because I am also a Christian and HE is the centerpiece of my own small display.Anyway, I've also noticed that a lot of Christian music stations are playing more secular Christmas music this year in an effort to draw more listeners ...KLTY, in fact, is playing "White Christmas" by Bing, among others.

I just now received an email from the program director asking to hear an mp3 of the song. So I need back-up! Would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call and email the station asking to hear it? I told him my song has lots of fans in Texas but I really want him to have proof!The website page for contacting the station is here:

If you use the song in your display or if you have heard it and just like it please contact them and request it. If they added it to their playlist it would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE step toward making the song a hit.If you can do this I would be so grateful I'll come to Texas next December and do concerts at your houses all over the state. I PROMISE!Please let me know if you can help by adding a comment here. And God BLESS you!!!