Monday, February 15, 2010

Vote For Me!

The Hippo Press is having it's annual "Best of New Hampshire" poll and I would really love to win! They don't have a category for best children's musicin, but they do have a category for "Best local artist playing mostly original music" and I would sure appreciate your vote in that category. You might also consider writing in "A Judy Pancoast concert" for "Best Place to Take the Kids."
You have to vote in at least 20 categories on the poll in order for your vote to be counted, so it's probably best if you live here!
Click here to vote:
Thanks VERY much!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Judy's Tune Room Back on the Air!

I'm delighted to announce that my radio program for kids and families, Judy's Tune Room, has found a new home! I am now working with the students in the broadcasting program at Londonderry High School here in New Hampshire to produce the show. Beginning in March, it will air on their Low Power FM Stations, LEO 103, on Saturday mornings. But you'll be able to hear it no matter where you live as it will be available on the web through the High School website and on my website.
I'll be playing great music and interviewing children's performers, and I'm looking for your jokes, birthdays and special announcements, too. Please send them to me ASAP here at my website. I'll also be featuring a "Star of the Show" in Judy's Throne Room, and I'm looking for kids to celebrate...whether they got a great grade on a project, learned to ride a bike, or were simply "Caught Being Nice" I want to hear about it.
Keep watching this spot for specific info about the premiere air date and time! And send me those jokes, birthdays, and other news!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please help me get adopted!

In 2007, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my husband, our two daughters and I made a trip to the Animal Rescue League shelter in nearby Bedford to look for a cat. Our beloved cat Dinah had passed away the previous July after 14 wonderful years as a member of our family, and we were finally ready to bring a new kitty into our home. Our daughter, Emma was freshman in college at the time.
The shelter was having an adoption event and the place was packed, and the kitten room was bustling. One cage stood out from the rest with the most gorgeous tortoiseshell kittens you ever saw. Louisa, then age 13, immediately took a shine to them. Emma turned to me and said, "Mommy (you know you're in trouble when your college age daughter calls you Mommy), I want a kitty too. Can I get one?"
And I replied, "But you're in college. You can't have a cat!"
"I'll bring it to live with me when I graduate. PLEEEEEEEEEEZ?"
Brilliant Mom that I am, I replied, "Go ask Papa. If he says "yes," then we'll adopt two."
Now I must explain that, first of all, Papa is not the grandfather, it's what our girls call their father, AND I'd had to twist his arm to get him to agree to adopt even one cat. So I figured, heh heh, heh, this was a failsafe plan cause he couldn't possibly say yes.
How could I be so foolish as to disregard the effect a daughter can have on her father?
That was my first mistake.
We took the three tortie kittens into the kitten room to get to know them. One of them, the brother, was way more mellow and less entertaining than his sisters, who literally bounced off the walls and had us laughing our heads off. They were so much more guess which ones we took home?
That was my second mistake.
Now, many broken Christmas ornaments, much scratched furniture, one pestered dog and two frazzled years later, little Hazel and Deeley (named for Cat Deeley, the hostess of "So You Think You Can Dance") are firmly ensconced in our family. They each have their own distinct personalities and quirks. Deeley, the larger (oh let's just face it...she's fat!) one, won't eat anything but cat food, while Hazel will eat the food off your plate if you let her (and she's the skinny one.) Deeley likes to sleep at the foot of the bed, while Hazel will curl herself right around your head and wake you up with her wet nose poked up your nostril.
They let Louisa carry them around like rag dolls and are two big babies, and I can't imagine ever splitting them up.
What's the point this story? Well, the Animal Rescue League of NH, where our two babies were adopted, is having a "Kennel Up" event on March 25th, and I am participating. I must raised a certain amount of dollars in order to be freed from my kennel, and I hope you will help. The League has saved countless kitties, doggies, bunnies, hamsters and other critters from the New Hampshire cold, disease and destruction and brought laughter and joy to many families like ours through their good work. In these tough economic times their services are needed now more than ever as families have to give up their pets.
Please donate whatever you can afford and help me reach my goal. I would be very very grateful...even if it's only one dollar!
You can donate safely here:
And on behalf of Hazel and Deeley and all of the animals in need of a friend, I thank you.
And remember, although there's "nothin' like a dog," as the song says, kitties come pretty close!
Thank you!