Thursday, November 29, 2007

"The House on Christmas Street" on the air in PORTLAND, ME!

Hey...this is great news for all of my fans in Southern Maine...I just heard from Randi at Big Hits Y-100.9 in Portland and they are adding "The House on Christmas Street!" Their request line is 207-879-1009 and it would be great if you FLOODED them with requests for the song!
Thanks SO MUCH for your support!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

St. Anthony's School

At the end of October I received a message from a dear friend asking me to help out in a crisis. Seemed the music teacher at St. Anthony's Catholic School in Manchester was about to have surgery, and the person who had been hired to fill in for her bailed out at the last minute. Of course I love doing anything musical with kids and I had some free time this month, so I jumped right in! I've been having a lovely time three days a week this month, helping them get ready for their concerts. I want to say a big "hello" to all the boys and girls who are visiting my website to find out about their mysterious new teacher! And remember, open your mouth "real big!" when you sing!
"Mrs. Pancoast"

Charmingfare Farm House on Christmas Street

I'm very happy to announce that this year there will be a "House on Christmas Street" as part of the Lighted Winter Wonderland at Charmingfare Farm in Candia, New Hampshire. Charmingfare begins their delightful and cozy horse-drawn sleigh rides this Saturday, December 1st. For more information, visit And tell them Judy sent you!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

On the air in the Pennsylvania Capitol Region!

Warm 103.3 in York-Lancaster-Harrisburg will be playing "The House on Christmas Street" this Christmas season! My Pennsylvania fans can call in a request for it at 1-800-755-0103.


The House on Christmas Street in Texas

Just found out about a house in Texas that is playing my song! It's at 806 N Main St, Elgin, TX and the homeowner is a very nice guy named Forest who titles his show "Main Christmas in Elgin." "The House on Christmas Street" is part of a half-hour production that will begin on Thanksgiving and run every half hour from 6:00pm to 9:30pm until Christmas.

Thank you Forest!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do you know the way to SAN JOSE?!!!!

Wow...things are really happening! I am excited to announce that 94.5 KBAY in San Jose is adding "The House on Christmas Street" to their streaming broadcast as soon as they start playing Christmas music. You can hear it at
Please give them a call or email to let them know you like the song!

94.5 KBAY Request Line800-948-5229
Here's where to go to fill in their online request/feedback form:

On the air in Bangor!

I just got a very nice note from Nelson at 92.9 WEZQ Bangor, Maine, saying that they will be playing "The House on Christmas Street" in their holiday music lineup this season! YAY! So all of my fans up there should keep this Request Line number handy- 207.991.9785. As soon as you hear Christmas music on the station, please give them a call and ask them to play "The House on Christmas Street!"
Thank you!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm delighted to announce that "The House on Christmas Street" will be on the air this year at Lite 100.5 WRCH in Hartford. As soon as you hear them start to play Christmas music, please call them and request it! Here are the request line numbers I got from their website:
Lite Lines" - (860) 678-100.5 #1005 with Verizon Wireless or 1-800-530-100.5

I'll let you know as I hear from more stations!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Houses on Christmas Street...for real!

I am totally delighted to announce that the following two homes will be featuring my song, "The House on Christmas Street", in their fantastic holiday displays this year.

There will be a "House on Christmas Street" at 75 Pelham Road in Hudson, NH which will go "live" on Thanksgiving evening and another at 793 Sutton Street in Northbridge, MA which will go "live" on November 30th.

Enjoy! And I'll keep you posted on others as I hear about them....
Happy Thanksgiving!
PS...Oldies 1o3.3 went "all Christmas" today! You can listen online at

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The House on Christmas Street 2007 we are again, and another Christmas season is about to begin. This year I am working incredibly hard to make "The House on Christmas Street" a hit, and I have lots of news for you about that. I hope you will help me to reach my goal!
First of all, it will be played again this year on Oldies 103.3 in Boston (request line: 1-800-336-1033) and on WZID (request line: 800/666-0957) in Manchester, NH. You can listen to Oldies 103.3 streaming live online at Please call in your requests for the song once you start hearing Christmas music playing on the air.
Second, it has been added to the online playlist of KSSK radio in Hawaii! You can hear it by clicking here: click on "sort by artist" and scroll down to my name, which is under "J' for Judy, not "P" for Pancoast. Please do this as the number of plays is tallied and I want to have a good showing.

The CD is currently in the hands of Music and Program Directors at stations all over the US, and I am hoping they will add it to their playlists. If you would like, email me the call letters and town of your favorite station, and I will send them a copy too.
I'll keep you posted on the progress!
Thanks SO MUCH for your support!