Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm delighted to announce that "The House on Christmas Street" will be on the air this year at Lite 100.5 WRCH in Hartford. As soon as you hear them start to play Christmas music, please call them and request it! Here are the request line numbers I got from their website:
Lite Lines" - (860) 678-100.5 #1005 with Verizon Wireless or 1-800-530-100.5

I'll let you know as I hear from more stations!

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Anonymous said...

That is great that 4 radio Stations this holiday season are starting to play your song both in Boston, Hartford, Manchester and Honolulu, Hawaii. Did you know that In addition to Oldies 103.3's start of Holiday Music this past Monday, 105.7 WROR also began playing Christmas Music that same day? Has WPLM FM 99.1 in Plymouth, MA WROR 105.7 and WMJX 106.7 both in Boston, MA been contacted by you and have they decided to play the house on Christmas Street? Also let me know if you have been selected to perform in Hingham's Christmas in the Square on Dec 7th and 8th. Shaun Galvin