Saturday, August 18, 2007


This morning I am still dancing after seeing Taylor Hicks, the 2006 American Idol, in concert last night. He was terrific!!
What I love about him is his total commitment to the music...he has music in every cell in his body, and when he performs it all just comes blasting out of him in his singing and dancing and playing. While his voice might not compare to that of, say, Tom Jones (boy, I'm really dating myself now) I would compare his energy and appeal to that of Mr. Jones. And I guarantee that every woman in that audience felt like she was 17 again! They were up dancing and singing along and they weren't thinking about their jobs, their bills or their housework. And no matter what shape or size they were, they weren't worried about what anyone else thought of them. Thank you, Taylor Hicks!
Taylor Hicks inspires me because that's the kind of effect I want to have with the children in my audience. When they are at a Judy Pancoast concert I don't want them to be thinking about any of their troubles (and yes, little kids do have troubles...). I especially don't want the older kids in the audience to be concerned that if they dance or sing or otherwise participate that they won't be cool. I want children of all shapes, sizes and ages to feel free to get up and dance and sing and throw their troubles and their cares and their worries about whether or not they are "cool" away. Just be koo-koo!
Taylor Hicks, welcome to the koo-koo club!!

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