Monday, June 1, 2009

What I'm Good At

I've been working hard in the recording studio putting the finishing touches...and I do mean the FINISHING touches...on my forthcoming CD. It's been about three years in the making! (no, I haven't been working on it's been a couple songs here, a couple songs there). It's a concept CD called Reading Our Way Across the USA; that's why it's taken "a little" longer to produce than my other recordings. Anyhow, it will be released THIS SUMMER. Thank you for your patience in waiting! When I mentioned this at a show last week a Dad in the audience said, "Finally! New material!" So, I especially appreciate you Moms and Dads who have listened to the same songs over and over again with your kids! You're troopers!Anyhow, I want to get kind of personal here, because this is something that occurred to me as I was listening to one of the finished tracks: "This is the best of me. It's what I have to offer this world, and it's what I hope will outlive me."By that, of course, I mean that I feel that music has been my calling since I was old enough to sing. Writing songs has come naturally to me for most of my life (wrote my first one when I was 11). So when I'm in the studio creating a recording of one of my songs, I feel like I am putting the whole best of myself into that recording. When you hear it, you are getting the best of what this person has to give. I'm not that great at anything else, but I appreciate you who think that I'm pretty good at doing this, and who have supported me in my quest to make a living doing what I love. Thank you so, so much. I will continue giving you and your families the best I have to offer as long as I can...and with God's blessing maybe a couple of generations will grow up with my music. That would be the greatest gift for me, and all that I could hope for on this earth.I have to put a caveat in here: Obviously my daughters are the greatest thing I've produced in this life, but I can't take the whole credit for how terrific they are!!

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