Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another CRAZY Idea

Since "The House on Christmas Street," (my tribute to the folks who decorate their houses to the MAX every Christmas season) has become such a hit with decorating enthusiasts I've been on a non-stop campaign to bring it to the attention of the mainstream public.

For those of you who don't know, the song is used in animated lighting displays at homes far and wide (even in Australia and Germany!). This phenomenon began in 2006 without my doing a thing...suddenly I began to discover videos of houses "playing" my song. At present there are 68 videos on YouTube alone and from what I hear this coming Christmas that number may more than double. Because of all of this I've networked with lots and lots of people in the Christmas decorating community and made many wonderful friends. Yes, there is a Christmas decorating community, and if this is news to you then you ought to visit some of their websites, like,,, and These folks think about decorating their houses 365 days a year!

Their enthusiasm for my song has led me to cook up a crazy plan to gain more attention for "The House on Christmas Street" this year. Time's a wastin' (I'll be 51- aaaaagh--on Sunday) and I decided I can't let another year go by without doing something wild to try to push it over the edge into bonafide Christmas-hitdom. So here's what I've planned.

This year I'm heading out in my 2004 Toyota Sienna (which already has over 300-K miles on it) and traveling from state to state to visit homes where the song is being used in a display. I'll be singing the song on the front lawn (driveway...roof...whatever!) at each house while their synchronized light show runs. I've got houses lines up in NH, NJ, PA, SC, FL, TX, AZ and WI so far! I told the folks that if they wanted me to show up and do this they have to get as much publicity going as they can for it via local radio, TV and newspapers. This is not a problem as a lot of the people who are into mega-decorating love publicity. I've had a couple of Christmas festivals invite me to perform along the way as well.

At the last stop I am going to go for the world record of the most times the same song has been sung in a row by one person. I've already applied to Guiness and am awaiting their approval.

I'm hoping you will want to be involved and maybe brainstorm some kind of promotion for this. If you use the song in a display and would like a visit, send me your email address and we'll talk about it. If there is a Christmas festival in your town that might be looking for entertainment, let me know about it. And when I publish the schedule, if there's a performance near you, come out and meet me! If you have a good idea of another way to promote the song, I'm all ears!

You probably think I'm nuts...and you're right! I'm not getting any younger and I've been in the music business professionally since the age of 16. My dream is to make this song a perennial Christmas hit. I'll do just about anything to make it happen!

Bless you for your support in 2009. I hope we can do something together this year!

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