Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

I hope all the Moms who visit my site had a wonderful Mother's Day! And thank you for making my music a part of your childrens' lives. I'm honored and delighted that my songs and my voice accompany you on your car rides, inspire you to dance around the house with your children, and help them get to sleep at night.

I had a lovely Mother's Day and received a very thoughtful present from my family...the Taylor Hicks CD!! This was especially nice since they don't particularly care for his music and they knew if they gave it to me I would blast it nonstop through our home (which I am doing right now!) I loved Taylor's energy and joy during his performances on American Idol and looked forward to seeing him every week when he was on the show. Since I rarely purchase music for myself anymore, I hadn't bought the CD and was hoping to receive it as a gift. I love it! I think he has a great voice and I really like the song choices he made and the arrangements.
Now....if someone would just take me to see him when he's in New Hampshire in August.........

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