Sunday, November 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hey...I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!
We were in NYC to pick up Emma from school and we stayed to watch the parade and have our usual Hard Rock Cafe Thanksgiving dinner.
Since we were all home we went out and cut down our Christmas tree yesterday. Emma selected it because she liked that it was wide. It was wide, alright. When we got it home it looked HUGE in our small living room. I didn't even have enough lights to cover the whole thing. I put all the strands we have on it last night and the needles were so sharp they kept making little holes in my hands. You should hands and fingers are all red today! When I finish the job later today I'm going to wear gloves!
So the tree is up and will be decorated by this all we need is some snow! Then it will REALLY feel like Christmas-time!

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