Friday, January 15, 2010

CHRISTMAS IN JULY?/Plan Your Road Trip Now!

Want to plan a fun vacation for the family? Here's my suggestion:

Radio station Extra 99.1 WXGM in Hampton Roads, Virginia, is sponsoring a "Christmas in July" concert with yours truly on July 23rd at the Bena Country Store in Gloucester, VA. It's going to be a blast!
If you are one of my fans in the area you should know that the ONLY way to get tickets is to win them on the air, so as the time approaches you'll want to stay glued to the station. I can't wait to meet you guys! (However, if you are not in the area and are planning to make the trip, let me know and I'll get you in to see the Wizard!)

I've performed down there several times before and I love the area...and I bet your family will love it,'s got:
Newport News ( that's just one of the great spots)
Virginia Beach (
Busch Gardens (here I come, DarKastle ride!
Colonial Williamsburg (
the Tabb Library in's one of my favorite areas in the country and one YOU should consider visiting with the kids!
The first time I went there was when my husband and I drove down to Orlando for our honeymoon at Disney World (2 years after we got married!) in 1988. We drove all the way to Williamsburg in one shot and spent a day there visiting Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding area. We fell in love with it then.
It's a mere 11 hour drive (that's nothing to this road warrior...I've got almost 300-THOUSAND miles on my 2004 Sienna!) so you could leave from Manchester, NH at 8am and be there before the sun goes down, including rest stops. So plan a road trip with the family for that weekend...and be sure to take my new CD "Weird Things are Everywhere!" with you to entertain the kids!
If you want to take a couple of days to do the trip, make sure you check out before you leave, to find some of the weirdest things out there along the way!
If you have any questions about making the trip, let me know! Just consider me your friendly travel guide.....

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