Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weird Things are Everywhere!

Parents Puzzled
No need to be puzzled, Mom & Dad! Someone must have given your child my new CD, "Weird Things are Everywhere!" for a present. Have they suddenly expressed interest in going on a road trip? Are they asking for a US map or atlas? Are they telling you about the weird things out there on the American Road? YAY HOORAY!
Early reports are in, and it seems that kids are playing the CD over and over and over again...having a great time, singing along, and learning! One child recently said to me, " were born in Maine?" and at first I was surprised. Then he said, "Well, in the first song you said there was a giant Paul Bunyan statue in the state where you were born, and then later on you said that Paul Bunyan was in Maine, so I put two and two together." Now that kid was REALLY paying attention!
"Weird Things are Everywhere!" is an educational CD unlike any you've heard before. It's not just packed with dry, uninteresting's loaded with fun songs and cool stuff specifically designed to catch kids' attention and make them want to go out and see for themselves. It's a great addition to any elementary school classroom and a wonderful present. Navigate to the Tune Room Store NOW to get your copy!

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