Monday, March 7, 2011

It Was a Wonderful Time!

By now you probably know that I didn't take home the Grammy, but I want to thank Pete Seeger for winning because it was much easier to save face when losing to a LIVING LEGEND.  And I was okay.  It was the most glamorous and exciting weekend of my life and I got to share it with my whole family and everything went swimmingly.  I want to thank everyone who prayed for me, for our safe trip and everything....and sure enough,  I'm home now, and I can still sing!

In fact, I've already begun work on the next CD, which, after long negotiations with the North Pole, will be entitled "Judy Pancoast Presents Christmas with Mrs. Claus."  I have had a close personal relationship with the dear lady ever since I began producing her TV show here in NH back in 2004.  You can take  peep at a portion of that show here:  and it will give you some idea about what an enthusiastic person Mrs. Claus is, and she's very excited about this new venture.

I've also been booking shows for spring and summer, which is always a big project and does not get easier every year, as you might think.  With Arts funding and support for libraries being cut right and left, and donations to festivals and community celebrations down it is harder and harder for people like me to make a living.  But that's okay, because I've got my biggest project ever in the works ...the "Weird Things are Everywhere!" multi-media stage show for theaters and performing arts centers.  I'm working with some brilliant young production designers and this is going to be an unbelievably fun show, with cool stuff to see AND hear along with me and the Judy Crew Dancers.  We're premiering the show at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA on April 23.  You can find out more about that here:

If you want me to come to your town this spring or summer then please know that my best booking agent is WORD OF MOUTH!  Talk to your librarian, fair or festival presenter or parks and rec person about me and send them to my website.  My best bookings come from fan referrals!  And thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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