Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Question from the Mail Box

We just got a letter! We just got a letter!  We just got a letter!  Wonder who it's from?

It's from Leigh Ann, and she asks:
We were wondering how you chose the books you talk about in "Reading Our Way"?

Here's my answer!
Hi Leigh Ann,
Are you asking specifically about the books I mention in that one song, or throughout the CD?  I'm going to assume it's throughout the CD.....
First of all, as with all the books, places and "weird things"  on the CD I chose what has been special to my family over the years.
Secondly, I undertook a ton of research to find books that were specific to various states/regions around the country.  It was a lot of internet research, plus writing emails and asking librarians.  Some books were an automatic "given," such as Make Way for Ducklings  and Misty of Chincoteague because they are so closely associated with places.  Others were not so easy.  For example, I was totally surprised to find out that the "Ramona" books took place in Oregon!

As for the specific "Reading our Way" song, that song came from personal experience.  I have read to my children from Stephen King books (yes, even when they were young...I just chose the stories carefully!) and we have gone to see Eloise at the Plaza Hotel and read and done the other things mentioned in that song as well.  We have traveled to 49 US states and read to each other and listened to audiobooks all along the way.  We didn't go to Alaska, but we did go looking for Balto in Central Park, and we found him, too!

I hope this answers your question.  Thanks for writing!

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