Monday, April 20, 2009

Health Update

I find it very weird to blog, I'll admit. I have often thought that no one is out there reading any of this stuff and I'm just writing to amuse myself. But I was proved wrong when I posted about my cancer scare several days ago. I received many emails and inquiries from people concerned about my welfare, and it really touched me.
Here's what finally happened: after a really terrible Easter weekend during which I pretty much had myself gone and buried, I went to the specialist at the Elliot Breast Health Center on Monday morning. He looked at my pictures from my ultrasound, and then did one of his own, and he said there was absolutely nothing there to worry about. He said the original radiologist had mis-read the films. How about that? All of that worry and nail biting and tearing up was for nothing. I don't know if I was more relieved or angry. Relieved for the obvious reasons, but also angry because the specialist mentioned that this is apparently a pattern for the particular radiology office where I went for my mammogram and ultrasound in the first place.
The good news is that they feel that, because of my mother's breast cancer 15 years ago, I should be under their wing at the Breast Health Center, so that's where I'm going for mammograms now, every six months.
I do want to say a very, very sincere and heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who kept me in their prayers and sent notes of concern. It's so good to have friends! And all you Mommies out there: be sure to have your yearly mammogram and take good care of yourself!!

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