Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still on the Road!'s been so busy since we got to New Mexico that there hasn't been any time to write here. We had the most amazing time at the Amazing Roswell UFO Festival! The best part was the parade on Friday night....we were on the Literacy Council float with two boys (brothers) who were being the MEN IN BLACK. They were so sweet and cute! Google was there with us and I sang Take Me to Your Reader about ten times, with the theme from Men in Black in there a few times as well. Google really was the hit of the festival. Everywhere we went people wanted their picture taken with him. He was really glad to be back in Roswell....we looked around and actually found some of his long lost cousins. It was a great time!
If you have never been to New Mexico I really encourage you to visit here some time. They don't call it the "Land of Enchantment" for nothing. The land is mostly flat desert, but then these incredibly beautiful mountains and mesas seem to rise up out of nowhere. The sky is so big you can see the sun come up right at the horizon and go down the same way. And the days are mostly sunny and hot. If you don't like the heat, this is not the place for you...but as for me..I love it!
Louisa and I went hiking in the Sandia Mts. on the edge of Albuquerque one evening. We only went about two miles because we weren't really well prepared (it was king of spontaneous) but it was so beautiful. The ground is really colorful, as if God painted it. And there were lots of huge rock formations with cave like areas that I just had to explore. Next week, after she has flown back home, I'll probably go out there again. So if I don't write again, you know where to look for me!
Today we did two performances. The first was in Truth or Consequences, a funky little town with a cool name. It's right near Elephant Butte state park, which we visited for a couple of hours between shows. It's a man-made lake that's very beautiful, surrounded by mts. and mesas and buttes...very magical!! Also a good place to get a sunburn, which we did, a little bit.
The evening show was in Deming at the Marshall Memorial Library. A lot of people who've seen me there before came back, and that's always a great feeling. A sweet little girl named Cassandra was our ladybug. She didn't want to sing but she made a beautiful ladybug!
We are staying in Deming tonight and tomorrow it's on to Las Cruces. Louisa is leaving me on Saturday (MY BIRTHDAY!!!!) and going back home, then I'll be here by myself, with my last show in NM next Thursday in Tucumcari. Then I'm going on to Dallas for a show, and one last show in Ohio before I go home and do the rest of my shows around New England this summer.
I really appreciate all of the friends who have come out to see me here in New Mexico, and I can't wait to see the rest of you back home!!
And make sure you plan a trip to beautiful New Mexico some time soon!

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